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Wednesday, March 01st, 2017 | Author:

By David Riewe

So, you have decided you need a credit card. However, you must remember that not all credit cards are created equally. Your friend’s credit card doesn’t mean that it is also the best for you. Before going to this bank and get its credit card, you must consider the several factors that you should take into consideration when deciding which credit card you want to get.

Some of those factors include:

o Interest rate. When you are the type of person that pays off your balance monthly, you would probably disregard the interest rate. Unfortunately, most people are having problems keeping with their credit card balance. Most people do carry a balance in their credit cards. If you sometimes late paying and carrying a balance, then it would be the best decision to have a credit card with a low interest rate. Having a card with a low interest rate save you a lot of money. You might disregard the difference between a 10 percent and 20 percent interest rate, but the difference could be significant if you have balances for a long period of time. Major credit card companies like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX, have low interest versions of their credit card.

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o Reward programs. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express and other major credit card companies have reward programs. Reward programs give you special privileges or services for being a credit card holder. Some of these programs include frequent flyer programs, where you are given one frequent flyer mile for each dollar spent. If you are quite a traveler, then a credit card with this program might be for you. Some offer cash-back options. Most common are discount offerings at retail stores or online chains.

o Annual fees. The annual fee is an important consideration, especially those who have a hard time paying off their balances monthly. If you think that the annual fee you have to pay to keep your card is way too high compared with the privileges you get from your card, it would be probably better to stop using the card.

o Member benefits. Credit cards promise various benefits. Some have travel protection as part of the benefits, while others offer roadside assistance. You have to consider your lifestyle in checking out a card’s benefits.

Remember: On choosing credit cards, choose wisely. If you need to, discuss your specific financial needs with your financial advisor.

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Friday, December 11th, 2015 | Author:

By Chris Burns

So you have purchased a list of business fax phone numbers from a listing company over the internet. What next? This is perhaps one of the most commonly asked questions when people purchase a list of business fax phone numbers. Unlike other types of lists such as mailing lists, there aren’t too many articles over the internet that teach you how you should use a list of business fax phone numbers. This article seeks to do so by providing you with a guide on how you should use a list of business fax phone numbers.

Before you begin, it is important for you to understand the legal terms of fax marketing. Check with your listing company regarding the source of the business fax phone numbers in your list. Generally, these numbers should be a compilation of publicly available numbers. If a company lists its fax number openly, it means that it does not have any issues relating to receiving any unsolicited fax from external parties who have managed to have gotten hold of these numbers.

With legal issues in place, it is time to move on to how you should use your list of business fax phone numbers to arrive at your desired results.

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For one, you could, and in fact, you should use your list of business fax phone numbers to promote the products and services which you are offering. Given the fact that people would have to print out your message in the first place, it would be less likely that these marketing messages would be chucked aside without reading. Make use of this to your advantage. You could even attach a cut-out which can be presented as a discounted price for the products that you are selling as part of the fax message in order to draw greater appeal. Also, it is important for you to include a call to action to further increase the effectiveness of your marketing message. This method of marketing would definitely result in an increase in sales as you would now be able raise the awareness of others towards the range of products and services which you are offering.

Additionally, you could also use your list of business fax phone numbers as a means to solicit for joint ventures and affiliate participation. Instead of getting others to purchase your products, why not get them to sell it for you? The fact is, most companies and individuals are increasingly turning towards affiliate participation due to the attractive commissions offered these days. Similarly, you could also make use of the same strategy. Arouse their attention with headlines screaming ‘60% Commission for keeps’. The employment of such marketing strategy would definitely result in a dramatic increase in sales revenue for your business over time.

Clearly, there are many ways how you should use a list of business fax phone numbers. In all cases, what is most important would be the ability to generate greater sales volume for your business. This would in turn depend upon how effective you are at crafting your marketing message in order to capture the attention of others.

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