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How To Decide On The Right Martial Arts School For You


Patrick Consing

Martial arts schools in Westchester New York are quite easy to find. New York City is known as a hotbed for all things from fashion, food and many other things due to the highly diverse mixture of cultures. Martial arts is not to be excluded from this diversity so choosing a martial arts school can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin. When it comes to studying martial arts there is a step to learn about everything. The same can be said when the time comes to pick out a martial art school. This process doesn’t have to be frustrating, but if you are serious about your training you will want to be serious about the school that you choose as well.

In order to make it easier for you, we’ve put together a guide to assist you in learning more about martial arts, choosing the best martial arts school for you as well as helping you in the sign up process. There is some time you need to put aside in order to research and as well as calling the schools directly to get a feel of how they are. One thing many people get surprised about is the fact that some schools actually limit their application numbers. Make sure to review what you read here as many schools follow the same steps and you’d like to be prepared for any interviews as well as what to look for when viewing the actual school.

Martial arts training is a commitment so one needs to establish the reason you are doing this in order to stay committed. Is martial arts really for you? Wondered how some of your favorite celebrities keep in shape? Want to enjoy yourself, keep in shape and learn how to defend yourself? If you have children, have you wondered if martial arts will instill more discipline? Telling these things to your future instructor can help them figure out if their martial arts training is appropriate to your goals. Knowing this ahead of time will help you immensely in your decision.

Knowing what you want and talking with your instructor can make it so much easier to decide if their school is the right choice for you. Both you and the instructor should be on the same page so there will not be any surprises in the future. Martial arts schools that sign up everyone that walks in are something you should look out for. Your best interest is usually not their concern. Save your money and join the local gym if that’s what you are looking for.

Next step is you have to determine what style or type of martial arts that it is that you want to train for. The instructor can tell you what they recommend so that you can evaluate them. If you like what they say then begin your training. You probably will find out that there is a particular type of martial arts that you are interested in and then there are going to be some that you could care less about. You also need to decide what type of school is best for you. You are going to decide at this point what traditions and culture you want to be taught in.

Which style do you want to learn? Do you want to be taught Korean, Japanese, Filipino, Thai, Brazilian or Chinese? Is this something for fun? These are just some of the questions that you will need to ask yourself so that you can find the right martial arts school for you. There are a lot of schools that are not for the type of people who are there as a fun activity. In fact, many will be insulted, so you will want to be careful on how you phrase your words.

Deciding on the best martial arts school for you depends on so many factors. How you feel really should be your ultimate deciding factor as a great school and instructor can speed up your learning curve immensely. Distance can also be a factor but remember the commute will be well worth it if you enjoy yourself and actually learn something. Don’t be afraid of paying more for a better school because you will lose much more by saving on price but sacrificing the quality of your education. Change schools quickly if you don’t feel it’s right because time is what you should be protecting the most as it’s very valuable.

Before you commit to a martial arts school, make sure and read Patrick Consing’s resources about

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as the wisdom of selecting a school for you can work with all states and styles.

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Submitted by: Robert Kokoska

What is recreation? How do recreations differ from leisure? Recreation is in a way a rejuvenating experience involving therapeutic treatment of the body and mind whereas leisure is more of an entertainment activity. It is the bane of civilised society that along with wealth we have forgotten our old art of walking and have become couched potatoes.

We don t mind sitting idle in front of the TV or internet for days and months at a time. This curbs our physical activities and we end up overweight and obese, inviting conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and depression. But many take recreation as trivial and consider it as escapism. Like any other thing, too much recreation time can be harmful and can divert our attention from necessary work and we become lethargic in yet another way. But research has shown that recreational activities contribute to the satisfaction of life, health and also improve the quality of the life we lead.

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There is evidence to show that the indigenous people of the US indulged in many recreational activities. Then when did they lose it? The saying “all work and no play makes Jim a dull boy” holds ground here. Recreation enhances longevity and counteracts stress. It is reported that in the US, stress is killing more and more people. So indulging in recreation can be a real help to live a healthier life.

In some jurisdictions many recreatons are actually termed illegal. They are gambling, producing erotica pornography, bellydancing and alcohol consumption. Sometimes recreation turns into an organised activity of the government. Public parks are built to facilitate recreational opportunities for people. It can help you from becoming bored and avoid unnecessary anxiety. Recreational activites include organized activites like playing baseball, football, table tennis, card games, sports and arts.

Recreation can be both indoor and outdoor depending on our preference. Some people like video games, playing cards or playing table tennis while some others may wish to sweat it out in the sun. Wherever you play it is sure to pep you up and provide you ample relaxation. For people with no passion for sports they could go on a travel expedition. Hiking, biking, snorkeling, surfing, sailing, kayaking are all recreational activities. To explore the unexplored, to hear the sweet singing of nightingale, to lay back bare on the bosom of mother nature and be one with her.

Anything that gives you peace of mind and happiness is deemed recreation. The world is moving at a fast pace and the need for recreation has been doubled. After the tiring schedule of workplace, people run short of energy, resulting in poor performance both official and domestic. An activity that a person would love would put them on track to pursue the serious goals in life.

This is not restricted to adults. Children should also get their share of recreation to develop motor skills. Now there are career opportunities also. Recreation specialists are there to look after the recreational needs of the community and individuals. These people who are qualified professionals work in parks, recreation centers and in venues of organized sport. Indulge in things you love and see the world through a new perspective.

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