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Sunday, May 07th, 2017 | Author:

Submitted by: Jaide Smith

There is a wealth of information, both printed and on the internet, regarding online slots strategies and how they can best be utilised to improve your chances of hitting that life changing online slots jackpot. However, there are a few things that you as a slots player need to keep in mind whilst playing online slots in a reputable online casino.

Online slots are a game of luck

No matter what people might say, the fact of the matter is that online slots games are a simple game of luck. There are no magic strategies that will guarantee you a win as all reputable online casino software use a random number generator that prevent the slots game from being influenced by anything other than chance. It is true however that some people prefer to play with a strategy in mind, but this will not necessarily mean they will win. A good betting strategy is all that can be utilised when playing slots and all this does is spread the losses and wins over a longer playing period.

Please Note! The above is true for both online and offline slots games. This is because online slots results are generated by a software programme which offers the same, and sometime better, odds as when a person is playing a slot machine in a land-based casino.

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Online slots fact or fiction?

There are many online slots myths that are commonly believed but in actual fact have no basis at all. Some of these slots myths include a belief that a slot machine which has just paid out will not pay out again anytime soon. This is a blatant fallacy as thanks to cutting edge random number technology the payouts of the online slots machine are impossible to predetermine.

It is true that online slots come in many variations. This includes such popular online slots games as video slots, progressive slots, classic slots and pub fruit machines. Each game has a different playing style, so it is important that a player knows (and understands) the rules of the game and the payout tables.

Please Note! It is a fact that when you play ANY online casino game you need to have your wits about you. Do NOT play online slots if you have had too much to drink as this can impair your decision making ability. Please also remember that it is important to ensure that you have a casino budget in mind and you stick to it. NEVER overspend when playing online slots, that is most probably the best slots strategy that anyone could ever use. Online Casino brings you online casino entertainment, more jackpots, more often and a great selection of the best online slots, video slots and other casino games.

Established in September 1998, has become a great escape for lovers of the Best Online Slots, Online Video Poker, Online Blackjack, Online Roulette, Online Baccarat, Online Craps and other online casino games. Download our free casino software and experience the online casino action for yourself. You can choose our full download casino option and play over 400 great online casino games. Or you can choose our no-download, flash option and play without having to download any software to your PC.

About the Author: Terry Maverick is the head of Public Relations for

Online Casino and its sister brands that consist of River Belle, Lucky Nugget and Gaming Club. She has over 5 years of experience in the online gambling market and over 10 years of experience in the online marketing sector.


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Submitted by: Benjamin D. Cowan

From the purchase of a new car to grabbing a quick burger, people are exposed to examples of exceptional and poor customer service every day. As the Client Relations Manager at an Arizona based HR consulting firm, I receive constant compliments about our stellar customer service. Regardless of compliments, the importance of exceptional service continues to attract my attention. I am confident that each of us can think of numerous times when top notch, friendly, and helpful service enhanced our day. Think back on how that experience made you feel. Did you tell others about it? Probably several times! Now think back to a time when you received poor service. How did that make you feel? Did you go back again? How many people did you tell about that experience? Statistics have shown that the typical person tells 20 people about a negative experience and tells only 5 people about the positive ones (Ames, 2006). For those of us in positions that involve many customer interactions, this means that for every bad experience a customer has we have to provide four positive experiences just to break even.

So how do we ensure that our customers are receiving top-notch, friendly, service? Simple here are proven tips that Arizona HR consults suggests.

Responding To the Customer

As an HR consultant, I am frequently called away from the office. Consequently, there are times when a client calls and has to leave me a message. The first thing I do when I return to the office is check both my e-mail and voice mail. No matter what I have on my plate and no matter how important those tasks appear, I make sure that I first return all client calls at my earliest opportunity. I look at it like this: if they took the time to call me, then they obviously think that what they have to say it is important enough to warrant a response. Often I return calls without yet having an answer to their questions. Ultimately what matters most is that these people know that I am taking time to call them back and that their requests will be effectively taken care of in a timely manor.

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Give Time Frames and Stick to Them

Have you ever called some place where they put you on hold and there is a recorded voice that repeats, The next representative will be with you in a moment ? Personally, this drives me up the wall and typically motivates me to hang up because my time is just as valuable as theirs. I don t expect them to give me an exact time of when they will deal with me, but a ruff estimate would certainly be appreciated. The same thing applies to filling client or customer requests. Generally a customer is less concerned about having to wait if they know how long the wait is going to be. At the same time, they expect to be given accurate time frames and, if it is a larger project, reasonable follow up and timely progress reports. For example, I was working on a very detailed employee handbook for a client last month. I originally told this client that the handbook would be done in about three weeks. However, as other more immediate concerns and projects came into play, it ended up taking me longer than I anticipated (about five weeks). All along I stayed in contact with the client. Thus, even though I was two weeks past my originally projected time frame, the client was extremely satisfied with the service. When the project was completed, the client made it a point to tell me how happy he was with the way I kept him posted on the project status. The proof is in the punch and we all appreciate knowing when the punch will be delivered.


This is quite possibly the most important aspect of exceptional customer service. I can barely begin to describe the power of simply listening to an angry client. Clients may be angry at you, at someone else within your organization, at a situation, or even at their own spouse. Whatever the cause of such anger, I can typically diffuse such a situation without saying much of anything. What these clients truly want is an opportunity to vent their frustrations. Regardless of who is at fault in these situations, I first let the clients get excess baggage off of their chests. Once I am confident that they have nothing more to say, only then will I begin to make attempts at rectifying the situation and, without a doubt, this ordering of events can make a world of difference in the level of their satisfaction.

Go the Extra Mile

The other day I placed a carry out order at a local pizza restaurant. When I showed up to pick up my food, I discovered that the order had not yet even been placed. However, the woman behind the counter was very friendly and apologetic. She let me know that they would put the order in right away and that I would have my food as soon as possible. For the most part I was pleased with how she dealt with the situation. However, while I was waiting for my food, this same woman approached me and offered me a free dessert due to the inconvenience that I had experienced. This is a perfect example of going the extra mile because her additional effort exceeded my expectations. She did not have to do that. Thus, this single employee made me feel good about her company, as if she genuinely wanted to ensure that I was satisfied when I left the restaurant and it worked marvelously.

Providing stellar customer service is relatively simple but only when the provider is aware and thoughtful. I am sure that most HR consultants would agree that this all goes back to treating each customer or client with the same respect and courtesy that we expect from others. When we legitimately embody this idea in our day-to-day actions, the customer wins, our organization wins, and ultimately so do we.

About the Author: Benjamin D. Cowan Client Relations Manager for – National PEO is an

Arizona based HR consulting firm

providing HR services to hundreds of companies. Please link to this site when using this article.


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Submitted by: Joel Walsh

If you’re running an online advertising campaign such as Google Adwords or Overture (Yahoo! Search Advertising), you should make sure your visitor lands on a page that follows through on what the advertisement promised. If someone cannot find what they are looking for on a web page within 10 seconds of arriving, they will usually hit the “back” button and look somewhere else.

The special page made just for an advertisement is called a landing page, because the visitor “lands” on the page after clicking on the advertisement. Your advertising campaigns’ landing pages (or sales pages) will probably be the most important pages on your website in terms of getting new business.

Yet many small business owners have never even heard of a landing page, and instead are wasting money needlessly by sending visitors from advertising to the website’s homepage, where new visitors are less likely to find the information they need to become customers.

You can find good landing page ideas simply by searching on Google or another search engine, then clicking on the “sponsored” links on the right-hand side.

But if you need a good start, try this template. Just replace the brackets and their contents ([]) with the recommended content.

Landing Page Template

[Heading with Hook–Make sure you use your keyword at the beginning of the heading–the very first word(s) of the heading, if possible; this heading should be the same as or very similar to the headlines of your advertisements]

[Hook: Make an argument, beginning with a hook that relates to the heading above, and the text of the advertisement that links to this page. This paragraph should be one to three sentences. Make sure you use your keyword at the beginning of the first sentence–the very first word(s) of the first sentence, if possible. Put the keyword in boldface so visitors who are scanning the page for it will see it easily.]

Why do you need to buy [keyword] from [your business’s name]?

Unique selling point 1 [keyword]

YouTube Preview Image

Unique selling point 2 variation on [keyword]

Unique selling point 3 [keyword]

[Call to action–buy, get, request, contact us. Use the keyword in the call to action.]

[Way of taking action–telephone number, buy button, contact form]


Make sure the telephone number, “buy” button, and/or contact form are very prominent, so prominent that the visitor will notice them immediately when he or she opens the page, even though they are at the bottom of the screen.

The above section should take up most or all of one screen view, roughly 600 pixels high (the traditional screen height of laptops and small monitors). Set your screen resolution to 800×600 and see how many lines you can fit in without having to scroll to see the bottom of the page.

Relatively few visitors will scroll further down the page–maybe 30% at most. The rest will either convert, click deeper into your site, or hit the “back” button. Of course, you should not neglect those visitors who do scroll further down the page, so provide some information for them below.

Not Sure You Need [Keyword]?

Need more information on [keyword]? Here are some important facts about [Keyword] and [your product or service’s name].

[Unique selling point 4–use the keyword or a variation of it]

[Unique selling point 5]

[Unique selling point 6]

Contact Us to Get More Information about [keyword]

Call us, email us, or use the form below to ask a question or request a free, no-obligation proposal.

[way of taking action–phone number, buy button, contact form]


Here you should insert more information for the page-scrollers–all those visitors who have indicated their interest by scrolling this far down the page, yet who have not taken the action suggested above in the call to action.

This is a great place for testimonials, detailed lists of the features of your product or service, comparisons with the competition, and other information useful to a buyer who needs to be informed before making a decision.

Tips for Writing a Sales/Landing Page

The page should have some kind of navigation options for people who like to click deeper into a site before taking an action such as contacting you or buying. Roughly half of your conversions will likely come from visitors who clicked deeper into the site before deciding to take action.

You should use one or two carefully selected images on your landing page. More than two will simply distract the visitor and make the page load too slowly for some visitors.

Only use more than two images if you need the images to convey your unique selling points–i.e., you’re selling art, graphics, landscaping, real estate, or something else whose reason for buying is mostly visual. Images of people using your product or service are ideal. The more relevant the image is to what you are offering, the better.

Strongly consider putting a contact form on your landing or sales page. There will always be people who feel they need information that isn’t on the website. Or maybe they just don’t want to spend time sorting through the information on your site. For the same reason, you should place your telephone number in a prominent position on the page–the top right corner is a popular spot.

Of course, if your product or service generates so little revenue that you can’t afford handling pre-sales communications, don’t include contact information on the page.

After all, the goal of your business website’s landing page is to make money.

About the Author: Joel Walsh has written more articles on getting sales and leads from your business website content:

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