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How to Get Started in a Career with Horses


Jordan Rocksmith

Careers with horses are plentiful if you know where to look and know how to prepare yourself. Get ready for your career in equestrian sports or horse training in Colorado with these tips.


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If you want to work with horses, the best thing you can do is start gaining experience from a young age. Find a stable where you can volunteer to muck stalls or groom horses. It may not seem glamorous, but hands-on training is the best way to get you ready for a career with horses.

Find Stable Jobs

Larger stables often employ a variety of grooms, exercise riders, and other staff members to work with their horses. This is often a good place to start, because they will often take people with little to no previous horse experience. Some stables will even offer to give you discounted or free riding lessons in exchange for your work.

Take a Class

There are many colleges that teach equestrian skills including horse training, breeding, and stable management. Although you don’t have to be a college grad to land a job working with horses, it can help set you apart from your peers. You’ll look more like a serious candidate and less like someone who just “loves horses.” Even if you don’t have the time or money to work on a degree, see if you can take a class or two at a local college.

Expand Your Skills

Once you have an area of interest, it’s still important to learn more about other facets of horsemanship. Not only does this look great on your resume, it can help you better understand the horses under your care. If you want to become a vet, try taking a class on horse training in Colorado. It can help you better understand horse behavior, making it easier to work with your future patients. Stable managers can benefit from classes on diet and nutrition so their horses can stay strong and healthy. Continue to spend time around horses in a variety of locations, and never pass up the chance to learn something new!

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How to Get Started in a Career with Horses


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